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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Tips to encourage water

As the weather heats up, most kids will be spending more time playing outdoors. It is important for kids to drink enough fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated during the warmer season.  It is also important for kids to understand the benefits of drinking water. 
Water is vital for life toucan learn and has many benefits including:
  • It regulates the body temperature
  • It helps flush body waste in the form of urine
  • It is required for transporting nutrients throughout the body
  • It helps maintain a good weight
  • It helps avoid constipation and urinary infections
  • It helps digest food and absorb the nutrients from your food
  • It increases your energy levels
Here are some tips from Kidspot to keep your child hydrated and healthy all year long.  

  • Try putting ice in it - most children love playing with the ice with their tongues while they drink.
  • Float a slice of lemon or banana or strawberries in a jug of water that she can access herself.
  • Keep a jug of cold tap water in the fridge. Cold water is generally more appealing than room temperature water.
  • Make sure that your child sees you drinking water - and enjoying it!
  • If she steadfastly won't drink water, try diluting her drinks with water - half juice, half water. Gradually increase the dilution until she is basically drinking water.
  • If all else fails, feed her water-rich foods. Most soups, vegetables and milk have high water content, somewhere around 80%. Try home-made juice iceblocks and fruit smoothies.

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