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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pretend play with paper dolls

Cut out paper dolls is definitely an oldie yet a goodie.  As a child, I personally loved playing with my cut out paper dolls on rainy afternoons.  Assembling the paper dolls, changing the costumes and making up stories can provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.  Pretend play with cut out paper dolls gives children the opportunity to get creative and to use their imagination.  

You can target many different vocabulary items during this task including:
- Dressing words eg. dress, shirt, pants, skirt, on, off, up and down
- Pronouns eg. he vs she, his vs her
- Body parts eg. head, hair, neck, arms, legs
- Special events eg. Christmas, Easter,  weddings, parties

Print the paper dolls, laminate them and store in a 'paper doll box' for easy access.  

Here a some wonderful free printable sites- please click on the download at link to access the entire doll & costume collection:

Download at Making friends 
This site allows you to make up lots of different friends that are
multi-ethnic and gender non-specific.  Making Friends promotes social tolerance, diversity and individuality.

 Download at Maryann paper doll

 Download at The bleu door
Betsy McCall was announced in April of 1951 and first appeared on the pages of McCall's magazine in May, 1951. In the upcoming months a lot of characters were introduced, such as Betsy's mother and daddy, Nosy -Betsy's dachshund dog. Betsy's adventures span from the 1950s -1990s so the options are endless!

Download at Sixteen
 Get creative, have fun and enjoy!

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