By Small Talk Speech Pathology

Monday, 9 September 2013

Synonyms and Antonyms + FREE Printables

We've been working on a lot of synonyms and antonyms with our older clients lately to help them to strengthen their verbal and written vocabulary skills.

In our never ending search for new an exciting ways to present similar material, we came across this wonderful website English For Everyone
Here we found amazing free printable synonym and antonym worksheets for grades 1 - 12. 

A synonym is  word that means the same (or almost the same) as another word e.g. big and large.
An antonym is a word that has an opposite meaning e.g. big and small.

Helping your child to understand and use synonyms and antonyms can be a great way to build their receptive and expressive vocabulary skills at any age. Have a look HERE for yourself and have fun learning some new words.

Love Vanessa and Lauren.