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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Free printable artwork

Print off - laminate or frame - then display on a blank wall to brighten any room! Get the kids involved so they can choose which pictures they like best for their room.  Double siding the artwork allows you to change pictures whenever you like. 

Download at Make it perfect

Alphabet boards are great to have on display in a child's room as it is never too early to start learning the names of letters and what sound the letters make.  These pre-literacy skills are the building blocks for learning how to read and write in the future.  You can also build on vocabulary using the printables below by discussing animal names etc.

Download at Sprik space

Here are a few more:
Download at simple as that

Another great site for children-friendly artwork is Feed you soul unfortunately as its for personal use only I was unable to upload any of the artworks - definitely check this one out if you liked any of the above.

Happy printing & keep smiling!


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