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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Dressing time - what to wear??

Everyday activities such as meal times, showering and dressing are great opportunities to develop children's language.  Here are a few language tips for dressing time:
  • Use verbs eg. pull, put, stand up, sit down, button, zip, tie, hold.
  • Use names of body parts eg. arm, leg, hand, foot, head, waist.
  • Use names of clothing eg. pants, shirt, skirt, top, dress, socks.
  • Use descriptive words and opposites such as clean/dirty, new/old, long/short, same/different, pretty/plain, light/dark, right/left, etc.
  • Use location words such as up, down, on, off, under, in, out, through, around. 
Here is a dress up box idea - great for both boys and girls.  

  • You should be able to find everything you need at your local thrift shop. First you will need a dress-up box. A great way to do this, especially if you are giving it as a gift, is to get a suitcase to use as the dress up box.
  • Once you have the suitcase you only need to fill it with clothing of all sorts. Keep in mind that the bigger the variety the more roles your child can try on.  Some of the items that work well are:
Formal dresses
Unique shirts
Military uniforms
Suit coats
Computer bags
Empty perfume bottles
  • Be sure to wash everything before putting the dress up box together.
  • Organising the dress up box.  Don't get so many items that they won't fit in the suitcase easily. 
  • Final Touches.  The last thing to do is to personalise it. There are a variety of ways to do that. You can stencil the child/s name on the suitcase and decorate it however you want to.   Here are some other great ideas on how to personalise the dress up box/suit case.

Enjoy and happy dress ups!


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