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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Teaching a child 'prepositions' - words that specify time, place and direction - can sometimes be a confusing task.  There are generally three types of prepositions:

Preposition of place - at, on, in, below, beside, under, behind, between. 
Used to describe the place or position of nouns.
eg. The puppy is beside the pool. 

Preposition of time - at, on, in, since, during.  
Used to show when something happened.
eg. I read my book during morning tea.   

Preposition of direction -to, toward, across, into, over, onto.  
Used to clarify the direction of someone or something. 
eg. The plane flew toward the beach.

Here is a simple printable that can make these concepts clearer and more concrete to learning minds.

 Download at free printable fun
At Small Talk Speech Pathology, we have printed these out, laminated them and turned them into 'fans' - a great language tool for children to refer to when in doubt.


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