By Small Talk Speech Pathology

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why not try making these lovely crayon hearts for some school holiday fun.
Step 1: cut up wax crayons into equal size pieces
Step 2: Mix pieces in a large mixing bowl
Step 3: Add even amounts of different coloured pieces to shaped baking trays
Step 4: Cook at 110 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes
Step 5: Allow to cool before removing from tray
Step 6: Enjoy your new rainbow heart crayons 

While you do this, why not take the opportunity to develop your child's knowledge of colours. e.g. find me a blue crayon, find me a red crayon...etc.
Have your child then use that colour in a sentences. Add the verb 'cut' and expand their sentences to a level that fits their current ability.
1. blue
2. cut blue
3. cut blue crayon
4. cut the blue crayon

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech or language development feel free to visit Small Talk Speech Pathology Website and follow the links to the email address. All questions will be answered as soon as possible.

happy learning,

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