By Small Talk Speech Pathology

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


In most homes - the kitchen is where most of the action occurs! Sharing your kitchen and simple cooking tasks with your children can encourage their listening, talking and reading skills.  It can also help build lifelong healthy eating habits. By cooking together, you can turn a chore into a way to spend time with your children.

Things that your child can learn while helping you to cook:
  • new words (whisk, peel, beat, grate as well as names of uncommon foods)
  • mathematical concepts like counting, measuring and time (one teaspoon, half a cup, 30 minutes)
  • an understanding for planning and doing things step by step
  • increased knowledge of healthy foods
  • increased creativity
  • maybe even some patience, while waiting for that cake to rise!
Why not start with something simple like the fruit tower cake below?

Then once you both become more confident and comfortable being in the kitchen together - try something more challenging!  Depending on their age - children can also help set the table, serve food and clean up. Remember that for kids of all ages – full supervision is a must.

Happy Cooking!

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