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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Spring Showers and Playful Ideas

This beautiful creation by Juime would be a lovely way to expand your child's bathroom vocabulary and a way to ease anxiety for those little ones in the transition from baths to showers.

With a few days left of school holidays and the dreaded onset of these spring showers, why not use some of your enforced inside time to get creative and have a go at making this wonderful toy with your kids?

One vintage suitcase like this one.

a hanging soap holder

A storage container for a bath. If you like this one get it here.

A little pocket mirror. If you don't have one of these lying around have a look at this sweet one on Etsy.

From your local hardware store, a small length of wooden dowel to fit across the top of your suitcase
and while you're there, pick up a small shower head (or take the opportunity to update your own and pass on the old one to a doll in need)

Finally, you will need some lovely fabric of your dolls choice to use as a shower curtain - 
why not use an old scarf or scrap fabric from a hemmed dress. If you get stuck, have a look here for some lovely options.

Have fun assembling all the pieces and work on your child's language as you do
example vocabulary: prepositions (in, on, over, through) 
- bath in
- soap on
- mirror on
- soap hanger over
- shower curtain through 
Have older children give you the directions and add "put the" into the beginning of their sentences.

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech or language development feel free to visit Small Talk Speech Pathology Website and follow the links to the email address. All questions will be answered as soon as possible.

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of school holidays and happy crafting.


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