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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve Fun ~for the little people in your life~

Happy New Years Eve dear readers. Whether your little ones will be in bed long before the 9pm fireworks for fighting every long blink until midnight, finding some magical activities for the special night can make it memorable evening for the whole family. 

Play At Home Mom have some fantastic ideas for adventures in the dark.

One of my favourites is this great idea of putting glow sticks inside balloons before blowing them up, turning off the lights and watching them come alive.

Play At Home Mom

If your little ones will be going to bed early, why not turn their regular bath time into a magical experience by adding glow sticks as bath time toys.
Play At Home Mom

Or make your own Glow Xylophone by filling glasses with different levels of water before adding glow stick bracelets.
Play At Home Mom
Note: If you store the glow sticks in the freezer after using them, they will last several nights.

What ever you find to do tonight, I hope it is a magical night for all.

Thanks to the wonderful ladies over at Play At Home Mom for their brilliant inspiration, and a bigger thank you to all of you who have supported From The Heart Up in 2011.

Wishing you all love, health, joy and prosperity for 2012!

Love, Lauren and Vanessa

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