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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Jigsaws To Print

Christmas jigsaws to print
Our Christmas dog jigsaw, assembled, with the heart shape in the centre.

A specialty of Activity Village, these cute printable jigsaws come in 15 Christmas designs and 4 levels of difficulty - and each jigsaw features a hidden "shape" at its centre. They make a simple, quick and easy portable Christmas activity and you can find one suitable for all ages of children!


1. Print the jigsaws out onto printer card, and cut carefully around the large and small jigsaw (either a rectangle or a square, depending on the design).

2. Choose one of our Christmas jigsaw cutting guides (see below). Print onto paper (scrap printer paper will do), and again cut out the rectangle or square. Do NOT cut the inner shapes yet!

3. Place the cutting guide over the jigsaw, matching the edges up carefully. Cut through both layers together on the inside lines to make the jigsaw pieces, discarding the paper pieces of the cutting guide when you are done. Store the jigsaw in a box or bag with the small image stuck or stapled on to help your child recognise and complete the puzzle.

Jigsaw cutting guide - rectangle - stars
Our jigsaw cutting guides and full instructions are here:
Jigsaw cutting guide

Why jigsaws for kids?
  • Jigsaws are wonderful for developing logical and spatial ability
  • Jigsaws encourage sorting, matching and problem solving skills in children
  • Jigsaw content can be educational
  • And of course, jigsaws are just good fun!

 These jigsaws can also be laminated and kept for future use.
Print here at Activity Village

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