By Small Talk Speech Pathology

Monday, 21 November 2011


"There are soooooo many things to do with an empty box, the options are almost endless.  We happened to have a huge one and it went from a house, to a cave, to a cave of stars.  Its a simple concept, really - but oh so fun!!!

All you need is a box, a paint brush, a knife, and a strand of Christmas lights.  I took a paint brush (the size of the ones you get with watercolors), and poked holes in the top of the box.  Then I pushed the Christmas lights through, and we had STARS!!  We gazed up at the stars together, talking about their colors and about real stars - and even read books in our "cave of stars".  It was a wonderful adventure!!  - AK"

To add some additional language activities try using;
- in the cave
- out of the cave
- look up
- under the stars

- blue star
- red star
- green star

- how many stars can you see?

- crawling
- sitting
- lying down
- hiding
- sleeping
- looking
- wishing

I hope you all have fun with this magical idea

love, Lauren

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