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Saturday, 22 September 2012

FREE printable reading tips for parents

Tips for Reading with Your Child

Courtesy of The Curriculum Corner

Helping your child become a reader is easy!  Parents often worry that they are not doing the right thing.  However, chances are, you are doing everything right!  

Just to reassure you, we’ve created a list of tips below.  

 Encourage your children to use the pictures!  This is not cheating, it’s what good readers do!
 Children learning to read should be encouraged to look at the beginning letters.  Not all words can be sounded out but the first letter is a good clue to help children understand what will and will not make sense.  

 Have your child break the words into parts.  They should look for little words they know inside of big words.  

  Read on.  Have children skip the word they are stuck on and read to the end of the sentence.  When they finish the sentence, ask them what would make sense.

 Give your children vocabulary clues.  If they are trying to read a new word, help them make a guess by telling them about the word.

 Make sure you are giving your child just right books.  Matching a book with your child is important.  A child who is reading a book that is too hard will easily become frustrated and stop trying.  

And, most importantly….read with your child every day.  Reading to your child is just as important as having your child read to you!

Happy Reading!
Vanessa & Lauren

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