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Sunday, 17 June 2012

FREE Nursery Rhymes with words and makaton signs

Nursery Rhymes to Sing See and Sign are free downloadable, web-based communication resources for all young children.  It includes 14 favorite Nursery Rhymes. Nursery Rhymes to Sing See and Sign provide a particular focus on communication strategies known to help communication and language development in children with communication difficulties. 

Difficulties may include:
  • delayed speech
  • speech that is hard to understand
  • problems with comprehension
  • difficulties with concentration and engagement
Being unable to communicate and participate impacts on a child’s overall development, well being and quality of life.  The Nursery Rhymes to Sing See and Sign communication resources include:
  • a picture song board using Picture Communication Symbols
  • a Key Word Sign poster (Makaton) for each Nursery Rhyme
  • a song lyrics sheet highlighting the key signs is also available for each song


 Happy Singing!
Vanessa & Lauren

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