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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Autumn Leaf Fun + FREE Printable

Autumn is more than upon us, it is almost over. So before we dive head long into winter we thought we should take a minute to have some fun despite the cold mornings and early sundowns. 

The following Autumn leaf activities are all from the wonderful inspiration over at Picklebums.

First of all we have free printable finger puppets with a song to accompany it. Have a look at the full article here,

For a lovely fine motor task for your littles, have a go at this Autumn leaf threading task. 

Lastly, quench all your crafty cravings with Autumn Leaf Crowns and Autumn Leaf Collage

These tasks all provide ample opportunities to develop both your child's fine motor skills as well as their language content (vocabulary) and language structure (grammar).

Build your child's vocab with less frequent words by having them describe the colour, shape and texture of the different leaves e.g.
- jagged
- smooth
- pointy
- rounded
- sharp
- rough
- flat
- curled
- dry
- scratchy

Or target their concepts and grammar with varying sentence structures e.g.

- before I thread the bead, I will thread the leaf
- after I thread the leaf, I will thread the bead
- the brown leaf is beside the red leaf
- I have 5 gold leaves
- I am threading___, I thread___
- I am sticking___, I stuck___

Have fun, stay warm, and another big thank you to Picklebums for their wonderful inspiration.

love L & V

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