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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Free printable lunch box notes

Here are lovely free printables for some lunch box fun!
I'm sure they will brighten both your day and your child's day when he/she receives the note.

Print here at the Picklebums


Print here at Alphamom

Print here at Rook no.17
Print here at Get buttoned up 

Print at  Fresh picked whimsy

Print here at Moms by heart

The Picklebums have also been kind enough to include some ideas on what to write.

Keep it Simple for Beginners.

When my girls just started school I kept the lunch box notes really simple. I used pictures and simple sentences that they were already familiar with like “I love you” and “Have fun!”. For my preschool buoy I do lots of hearts and happy faces, the odd dodgy drawing of a dinosaur and an occasional sticker or two which makes him happy!

Write a Love Letter.
Now that my girls are a bit bigger and are reading quite confidently I can write a mini letter. I often tell them something I love about them, or something they have done that makes me proud of thankful.

Make a Joke
My girls love Knock Knock Jokes so sometimes I check out Knock Knock Jokes for Kids and pick a ridiculous joke to add to their lunch. Jokes by Kids also have a good selection of clean, sometimes even funny, jokes.

Count It Down.
My girls really like it when I count down to a coming event. “Only 167 more sleeps till your birthday!” is always a hit!

Get Creative.
Draw a picture! You don’t need to be a wonderful artist, the funnier looking the better I’ve found. Check out this mum’s amazing lunch box notes that she drew onto napkins! Obviously she is a talented artists, but I love that her kids bought them home to keep! If you aren’t into drawing perhaps try writing a poem. A limerick about your child always works well!
Happy lunch-making & note-writing to all!
Vanessa & Lauren

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