By Small Talk Speech Pathology

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Free online & printable Maths Flashcards

Help your little one master addition/subtraction/multiplication/division and practice with these maths flash cards and tables that you can customise.  Click here to access these brilliant flash cards and tables.


2 options - Flashcards OR a printable practice sheet. 
Tick the numbers that you would like to include in this session below. 
THEN, the tool will include and randomise all addition facts for selected numbers in the selected format (eg Flashcards OR practice maths sheets).
1 5 9
2 6 10
3 7 11
4 8 12


  1. Thanks for the great ideas. So simple but clever. Loving your work

  2. Thanks for your support BeeBee.

    Lauren & Vanessa